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Facts Learned the Hard Way (FLTHW) (or on stumblingly fulfilling the Life Long Learner* mission alliteratively taught to students at Ocean View High School):

Burlington Coat Factory in Hoboken, New Jersey in the 70's/80's. Image via http://images.ookaboo.com/
Burlington Coat Factory in Hoboken, New Jersey in the 70’s/80’s. Image via http://images.ookaboo.com/

A couple of weeks ago a very amiable fellow student in my improv class was giving a fantastic monologue about an interesting adventure in a winterous Burlington, Vermont, and I zoned out as all I could think was, ‘That must be where Burlington Coat Factory comes from,’ and ‘That makes sense that Burlington Coat Factory is from there… cold + Burlington = coats.’

… I was wrong. It’s from Burlington, New Jersey. Couldn’t the universe have given me that one?

*There has to be a person out there, whom I can relate to now more than when I was a mere student, who is really proud of creating and circulating that little line across America. Someone who has the satisfaction of I started that. This post is dedicated to your cheeky satisfaction.

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