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New rule for myself, because I’ve been going crazy. Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic: The Art of Creative Living. Criticalness can be heavy, negative, tiring, isolating. Curiosity can be light, inquisitive, loving, connecting.

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  1. I like the flip. 🤔😮👌🏾
    That inner voice that finds fault can be so brutal sometimes.

    1. Indeed! I hope you find it beneficial!

    2. Brutal indeed! Recently I’ve been thinking about having some coaching sessions with myself where I talk to myself like I would a friend. Will try it out and write about my thoughts on it!

      1. yes that’s a great idea.

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  3. like the way the left page notebook look, showing exactly what curios can have us do i just wandered whats exactly written there:P

  4. nice, thanks for writing

    1. Thank you for reading!

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