My life in Brown Hollywood

I’m starting a new series on my blog chronicling the narnia of sexism, racism, and general human turdery I navigate in digital media. Fitting, as my specialty as a blog writer is “unpopular public discourse.”

I’ve written about media & entertainment & yadda yadda on my blog for many a year now. I’m no Roger Ebert (in memorium and long live Chaz), but it’s clearly something I’m interested in, am a part of, etc.

But for a while, for a decade really, there’s been so many things brewing in my mind I’ve wanted to write about and really haven’t. (Maybe because I was trying to get to a place where I don’t want to necessarily burn the place down and have some healthy distance from my experiences.) Things like:

  • Sexist sh*t people say and do in my general direction (and make it difficult for me to do my job)
  • How much imposter syndrome sucks butts
  • When people meep-moop-meep-moop-can-not-compute my presence
  • The “Diversity” Crumb
  • And lies. So many lies.

And honestly, I’m falling asleep thinking about the boring things I deal with to which I want to simultaneously pull at the flesh of my face and fall into a deep sleep.

Maybe I’m starting a complaints column. Maybe I’m sharing my “insights” (yuck, gross, please don’t). I think what I really am trying to do though is share. Things I’ve experienced that I felt very isolated by and alone in, but I am indeed not alone in. And talking about things helps. It draws haters, but also salves the ache of feeling like, IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?

Which is really why I have been typing into this blank void for half my life.

If there’s things you’d like to hear about, do let me know.

Til then,

::strikes a match::

::takes a nap in my feelings::

P.S. For this column, I’m a person first, media professional second, and writer third. So I’m not here to name names. I’m here to write about things I’ve experienced by way of shedding some light on this dimly lit path (which was painstakingly forged by so many), and raise some questions and conversation. (And obviously, I must be on some type of mission to be disliked, but if we don’t hurl insults at the messenger, what are we even good for.)

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