Nida’s Badass Bio

My “why”
My passion and interest has always been in the impact of media on how we form our sense of selves and on our relationships with our identities. It’s what has driven me in the last decade+ to be in the business of storytelling through images.

Photo by Iqra Shabaz

Business of Fashion
In my early career, as an executive producer of 1,000-guest-packed international modest fashion shows bridging Indonesia and Abu Dhabi to LA (think NYFW for Muslim women), I galvanized the hundreds-of-billions dollar modest fashion movement, accelerating the phrase modest fashion which can now be found as verticals on Net-A-Porter and ASOS.

That’s right. ^From our runway shows.

I proved the business-to-customer viability of modest fashion businesses, so much that my work has directly spurned over 100 modest fashion businesses. I was an early adopter and advocate of body diversity in beauty and fashion and in elevating everyday influencers as faces of fashion, something that is now a mainstay in the beauty and fashion industries. My work was recognized on the front page of LA Times Business, in a KCET documentary, on BBC, and more. I did all of this when I was between the ages of 22 and 26 years old. And yes, I did plan my 400-guest entertainment-packed wedding in 5 minutes with my eyes closed through stifled yawns.

Business of Show
I consider my career in film & television to have started the moment I began studying Film & Media Studies at UC Irvine. My first internship was with BBC Worldwide, which led to my first job in entertainment as a Production Assistant for the #1 hit show Dancing with the Stars. I’ve spent over a decade developing my voice as a creator, writer, director, performer, and executive producer, from my years in theatre at ImprovCity and the Upright Citizens Brigade, to my production work in NYC and LA, to creating, writing, producing and directing two of my original shows, half-hour dramedy Unfair & Ugly (as featured in NBC, Refinery29, Aljazeera, Huffpost) and talk show #TodayIMet, to writing for network television including HBOMax’s Young Justice, Disney’s Mira, Royal Detective, and upcoming shows at Netflix, PBS, and Apple TV+. I create thoughtful and humorous original work focused on the wholeness of my characters, and I’m not afraid to tackle the tough stuff in my shows.

What’s next?
In terms of what I aim to create and contribute in film & television? I’m just getting started. I’m always working on a slate of my original content, and I absolutely love my job as a TV writer, working for and with humblingly awesome talents. I particularly love to be a part of projects that further an accurate reflection of the world I grew up in and live in today, in both staff and freelance writing opportunities, as well as development work at creator and co-creator levels.

I hope to continue telling stories that makes us feel less alone in the world, recognizing talent and creating opportunities that catapult careers, and acting at age 85 or however far I make it.