Hi! I’m Nida.

::inhale:: I’m a Pakistani Muslim-American TV creator, writer, actor, director & executive producer based in LA ::exhale:: jeez louise. Here, you can watch my TV series ‘Unfair & Ugly’ and talk show ‘#TodayIMet’. You can also read my essays on creativity & identity, plus my film & TV reviews!

anxious. the movie.

Ruby has an anxiety attack and trips down the rabbit hole of her mind, where she meets versions of herself who take over her life. In post-production.

Unfair & Ugly, The Web Series

Watch my web series about a South Asian Muslim American family in Orange County trying to keep it together. As featured on NBC, Refinery29 & Aljazeera!

When I was 16, I accidentally joined a religious cult. A decade and a half later, I wrote a guide called, How to not join a cult accidentally.”

Imposter syndrome is, yikes, my best friend. I’m totally addicted to social media. And the creative process is… not always fun. Read how I find my way through it all.

Writing is how I figure out who I am, from identity and religion, to gender and beyond. Check out my mildly viral essays like “How I became a Ramadan Muslim.”

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