nida chowdhry is a pakistani-american writer/director, actor and executive producer. she was born in lahore, pakistan and raised in orange county, california. as a tv writer, she’s written for iconic shows like ‘young justice’ and ‘mira, royal detective,’ staffed on mega-brand shows like ‘cocomelon lane,’ and is currently staffed at disney. nida is the writer/director behind three breakout projects: the influential series ‘unfair & ugly’ (NBC, Aljazeera, Refinery29), a two-season talk show ‘#todayimet’ which she hosted, and her upcoming ‘eternal sunshine’ inspired debut feature film, anxious., which she wrote, directed and starred in.

tv writing

published episodes:
young justice – hbomax
mira royal detective – disney
kitti katz – netflix
wombats – pbs

upcoming releases:
cocomelon lane – netflix – series writer
dr. seuss’ horton helps – netflix
robogobo – disney – series writer


anxious feature film:
inspired by ‘eternal sunshine’ and ‘amelie’, anxious is about a woman named ruby who has an anxiety attack and trips down the rabbit hole of her mind, where she meets versions of herself that take over her life.

unfair & ugly series:
this ‘arrested development’ inspired hit series is about a south asian family in ‘the oc’ trying to keep it together. unfair & ugly’s influence can be found in network shows like ‘ms. marvel’ and ‘ramy.’

#todayimet talk show:
nida hosts a conversation series that goes beyond small talk, delving into mental health, aging, lgbtq experiences and more.


nida has over a decade of experience in improv theater, performing and studying at improvcity, ucbny and ucbla, and studies acting at ‘the acting center of la’ since 2016. she aspires to be the pakistani maggie smith.

nida starred in anxious, her debut feature which she also wrote and directed.