I’m Nida Chowdhry. In addition to general human stuff,
I write, produce, direct, and act.

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I was…


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My kindred souls include:


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Things I do:

TV/Film Scripts
Web Series

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I performed with ImprovCity in Orange County for two years

I studied Improv & Sketch Writing at UCB in New York

I perform in indie shows in New York

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I co-founded Stranger Magic Productions with my friend Yumna Khan.

Our first show, Unfair & Ugly, is now streaming!

We’ve been featured on NBC, Huffpost, Refinery29, and Aljazeera.

We have +300K views… and mostly positive comments!

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I also host our talk show, #TodayIMet, a conversation series that goes beyond small talk.

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I co-founded Fashion Fighting Famine (2011-2015).

We produced some of the earliest and largest international modest fashions shows!

We encouraged body-positivity and our models were everyday girls of every size.

I coined the phrase ‘modest fashion’ which is now the leading term for this movement.

5 Annual Shows | 3300+ Guests Attended | $47K Donated

We made videos like this and this. And hosted Yuna in concert!