Welcome to #TodayIMet, where my guests and I go beyond small talk and explore what makes us who we are.

Season 2

#TodayIMet Hishaam

Hishaam and I delve into his coming out journey as queer Muslim. You can read his story for Them Magazine here.

#TodayIMet Deondra

Deondra and I talk about her love of baking, how she navigates social media, and her wish for her children.

#TodayIMet Seema

Seema and I talk about her experiences with colorism and bullying, why she models, and her definitions of beauty. Trigger Warning: Bullying, Depression, Suicide, Colorism

#TodayIMet Zahra

Zahra and I talk about why she got into comedy, Santa confusion, and constantly unlearning beauty standards.

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Season 1

#TodayIMet Linda

Linda and I talk about her falling in love at forty, growing up with gender bias, and the importance of female friendships.

#TodayIMet Denae

Denae and I dive into workplace challenges, burlesque, and a mini lesson on being sexy.

#TodayIMet Robin

Robin shares her experience coming out as trans, what it’s like when people stare, and being your authentic self.

#TodayIMet Fawziah

Fawziah and I chat about being outsiders and taking steps to deal with depression.

#TodayIMet Sama

Sama shares on seizing her inner voice and going where no one (she knew) has gone before.