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How I became a Ramadan Muslim

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Creative Highs & Lows

My Pointless Pursuit of Perfection

My Favorite Books On Writing & Creativity

To Believe In Myself

What Kind Of Impact Do I Have?

So I Don’t Like That Comedian Everyone Likes, Sue Me

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Oh, Abu Eesa: An Apology Letter On Your Behalf

On the Unruly (Muslim) Woman

Recognizing and Challenging the Male Gaze

All of the Q’s & A’s: Relationship Edition

On the “Perfect Body” and “Skinny Privilege” 

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Why I left Orange County

Laundry List of Current Embarrassments

Beyonce Is Muslim, Now (And So Is Everyone Who Voted In Midterms)

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I finally took a social media break

Look, but with love: A social media rule

The energy it takes to run a social media campaign