Favorite Comedy Sketches: “Rough Guides”

‘Goodness Gracious Me’ is a sketch comedy show that aired on BBC from 1996-2001. The show has some of my absolute favorite sketches. This particular sketch is titled “Rough Guides” and follows a group of New Delhi students touring the UK. It’s such a clever play on language used to describe travel and vacation in ‘other’ and/or ‘exotic’ places. The sketch starts at 22:24 in this video and runs until the end of the video.

Seasonal Interactions


Socializing With Strangers

In the Summer: “Hello! How may I chafe you with my seemingly endless enthusiasm on this glorious day!”

In the Winter: “Hello! Do you prefer that I grunt and keep walking or insert pessimistic commentary about the weather?”

Original daily cartoon by Nida Chowdhry

Virtue Complex


Recalling My Day: “…and then, I completely went out of my way to do this one thing for you… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was completely annoyed in the process, and yet I overcame my annoyance just for you.” #notsohumblebrag

Daily original cartoon by Nida Chowdhry



Everyday: I need to get my ish together. Consequently, my version of ‘ish together’ doesn’t look like anyone I know, so I constantly feel like I need to get my ish together.

Daily original cartoon by Nida Chowdhry.