If you see something beautiful 

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Often + out of the blue, I say really intense things to people. Strangers and loved ones alike. And it’s linked to two ideas/values that I hold.

I once came across this quote: “If you see something beautiful in someone, say it.”

The second: “Cease the day,” “Live everyday like it’s your last,” and any number of sayings and verses that encourage us to value our moments as if they were our last.

Most of the deaths I’ve seen in my life, people have qualified as ‘gone before their time.’ Unexpected health crisis, suicides, even murder. Combined with this third thing, fate, which I think we all wonder about…

When I meet someone, I do feel like, I really have no idea if we will meet again. And I ask myself each time, are you okay with the fact that you are going to come across really weird and really intense when you say this thing?

When I tell that woman on an airplane who suddenly looked at my face – you are stunning. Or when I expressly state why I admire a certain quality in a friend.

I ask myself, can I find the words to say what I mean properly? (If yes, then…)

Am I going to bother this person / come across creepy? (If hopefully no, then…)

Will it sound like I’m evangelizing? (If no, then…)

Will I regret that if I never see this person again, if I die tomorrow, and this is my chance to say this thing that I feel so strongly in this moment… will I regret not saying it? (If yes, then…) the risk of me coming across weird and intense is worth it to me.

It’s worth me putting that piece of my heart out there to mercilessly float around the ether, than for me to keep it stuffed and buried inside. (I already feel like an alien, I might as well be true to myself.) Because I have this life to live. I might as well say what’s beautiful.

So that if I had a chance to tell you. That I did tell you. You’re beautiful.

// sincerely yours weirdo

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  1. Inspiring, thank you!

  2. I will remember this one Nida! Thank you!

  3. nice

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