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I bought a toaster oven five years ago who cares I know.

But the other day it started burning, like whenever I would toast something I thought a fire would start. And I was like, “Oh! This is a grease fire waiting to happen!” As I learned to say in the retirement home I live in.

I was like, oh great, I need a new toaster oven.

So I went on amazon. What. There are so many toaster ovens. How do I choose? Do I buy one for $60, or do I buy one for $150? Will my life be better with a luxury toaster oven? What if they die at the same time? I could have bought three cheap toaster ovens for $180…

I add three toaster ovens to my cart and I wait three days, not buying one.

In the back of my mind. I was like… maybe I just need to clean my toaster oven. Like really, really clean it. Like, get all the burnt stuff off.

And I wait three more days while eating soggy-on-the-inside pan fried toast.

On the sixth day, I took out my gloves and Degreasing spray and got to work. I had no idea the grill part had all this blackened stuff on it, like a bbq grill (hmm, idea). I put so much elbow grease into that baby. For an hour. I scrubbed til I was mad. Like, literally, I was so mad I was like why didn’t anyone, ahem, anyone, ahem, the one other person living with me help me. They would have just been like, this is too much work, and bought a new toaster oven. Ugh!

Mostly I was hungry.

I bitterly dried the soapy residue from the toaster oven.


This thing is shiny again.

Not perfect, but shiny.

Maybe I should have deep cleaned my toaster oven… more often.

I turned it on, and it didn’t smell burnt. Wow. Cool!

Three days later, I delete three toaster ovens from my cart.

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