Las Chicas del Cable Season 4 is so, so good

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Does anyone here watch Netflix’s Cable Girls??? If you’re into all that is juicy, you should.

I don’t know who put me onto this show. It was either a Netflix rec while I was watching Secret of the Nile (which I am rewatching right now while simultaneously watching Season 4 of Cable Girls so yes I have been missing my bedtime and I have a wired look about me) or my friend recommended it to me, likely both.

Either way, this is melodrama done well. I don’t know what it is about these Netflix shows that hits that balance which South Asian dramas never seem to get. Maybe because we’re all…

… about it. (The stereotype vastly underrates how dramatic we can be.)

I thank you TV creators of Spanish speaking backgrounds, for I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Cable Girls follows the friendship of four troubled women set in 1920s Spain and I am here for the cooooostumes and makeup and set design and the vosotros accent. I once accidentally watched a few episodes with English dubbing and it was terrible so do yourself the highest favor and watch the Spanish version because the subtitles are 🔥

The main character is Alba aka you’ll find out and she is beautiful and I love her and I want to be a renegade runaway just like her who am I kidding I’m writing this from my fluffy IKEA mattress I have no desire to exert so much effort.

Her lipstick is always perfectly applied and honestly the entire series is worth watching for this flawless execution alone. Por ejemplo, un diario de los lipstick de Alba:

The show is heavy handed in the (awesome) (White) feminist themes (which I love) (like divorce, inheritance, LGBTQ rights and relationships, rights and opportunities to work, patriarchal pressure, and so much more) and I don’t mind being slapped by it because the twists and turns.

There are twists. And. Turns. And I’m twisted and turned and turned and twisted and give me Season 5-24.

I’m enjoying myself almost as much as the year 2006 when I first watched Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 on DVD at my friend’s house and I was like, WHAT’S HAPPENING why is Meredith so cranky (#real female character) and McDreamy unapologetically named as such?

Shonda Rhimes x Ellen Pompeo for life.

Anyway you can Wikipedia the rest but we are here for a Season 4 recap and if you haven’t seen this show yet, please abandon this post for 6 days and come back and read the rest. (I’m assuming it will take you 6 days + being late to work + that wired look about you to watch it all.)





– all of the spoilers are after this line –

Like first of all I am very here for this main storyline of Oscar y Carlota. Again, heavy handed with the jump into first female mayoral candidate por la ciudad de Madrid (but I am here for the twists and turns baby).

I love this earnest love story and I love that their vulnerability being under attack is central to bringing the friend’s together to go against the law once again.

Oscar y Carlota por vida.

Then there’s Lidia, Lidia, Lidia.

We meet again, and again, and again but like before.

When we first open on Fran-thees-co in a coma I’m like, okay so we’re doing this again.

And when Lidia is all by his side night after night I’m all, okay, so we’re doing this again.

And then WHEN HE WAKES UP WITH AMNESIA AND CAN ONLY REMEMBER CHILDHOOD ALBA IM LIKE, omg… I kind of want Alba and Francisco to get back together.

HOW DID THEY DO THIS TO ME? HOW DID THEY DO THIS AGAIN? There’s something so endearing about a forgot-all-about-it Francisco (maybe also creepy + maybe 100% for sure in violation of medical protocol?) and that Love & Amnesia fresh start for Lidia is so tempting.

The Cifuentes’ gave me so much hypertension in this season and I’m honestly part of the toxic problem for enabling them with my viewership. That family has so many boundary issues I don’t know how far back in their ancestry we’d have to go to find a healthy relation.

Carlos Cifuentes, tu eres un hot idiota.

Not to mention CARLOS IS SO HOT IDIOT. LIKE TRUE DEFINITION OF A HOT IDIOT SON. This guy is STRAIGHT out of a South Asian drama household with his complete inability to decipher bullshit from bullshit. STOP PLAYING GAMES AND CUT YOUR MOTHER OFF YOU DUMBASS. There was a moment when I thought he would murder her (at the hospital with her pillow) but noooo. He just said MUERTE A MI and like words are just words put it in WRITING aka down feathers in her face.

He had his opportunity and he blew it.

Okay so when we’re in the prison and we’re breaking out and Angeles is dying and Alba’s voiceover is all we never saw this coming I honestly slapped my forehead like really writers???????

And we really did jump too quickly into this sudden idea of breaking Oscar out of prison. BUT

all in all that was an excellent prison break!

And BEATS ME that this is where the season would start and here is where it ends. And then that closing montage?????????? The Civil War??? Plus those delicious loose ends that were tied up just enough to give us closure but also make us want Seasons 5-24? QUE GUAPA.

I’m definitely going to be rewatching this series otra vez (while simultaneously rewatching Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 1-5 and having a wired look about me).

Stray thoughts:

  • Yay Marga!
  • Yay Marga y Pablo!
  • Elisa girl YOU NEED A THERAPIST more than most! For the sake of your lineage please get four.
  • I always found Carlota a little annoying but watching her have a breakdown somehow brought her back for me
  • Yes Angeles aka Mirlo the undercover mob boss yes!
  • The set design is a little low-key this season in terms of glitter (where’s a party where you need one) but Lidia delivers looks.
  • Cristobal…………………….. you steamy mess of sexual tension. It’s the same storyline for four seasons and yet he plays it so consistently that I can’t hate it but also I hate it but also
  • I love that one of the people involved in framing Carlota is Oscar’s ex. So unexpected, grounded, and riveting.

Cable Girls Season 5, yo le espero.



And guess what…

I have a surprise for you!

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    OMG this review was awesomely hilarious! I agree with every single word & I am from Spain, guapa ;)

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