Book Review: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

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amy poehler yes please book review

Amy Poehler released her memoir Yes, Please a couple of weeks ago. Of all my comedy heroes’ memoirs that I’ve read so far, this one takes the delicious strawberry-filled cake. Yes, Please is a light and hearty read. I was both struck by and in need of the honesty present in this book.

Amy Poehler is among the bold, witty, and unruly women I admire including Ellen DeGeneres, Miranda Hart, Tina Fey, Lucille Ball, Fran Drescher, and Mindy Kaling. Each of these artists have inspired me with their goofy and honest comedy and the ways in which they challenge ideas around femininity and being a woman.

As I began to read Yes, Please, I struggled with myself as I compared every detail of my life to every detail of Poehler’s. As I continued, I heard the things I needed to hear from a professional I admire, and she brought me back to the value she espouses in her performances and Smart Girls at the Party project: to be your best self. Poehler’s book is honest, and she ‘puts herself out there’ by sharing how human she is. Her writing this book was to me a gift from someone I admire and filled with so many things I know and don’t know and needed to hear.

Whether you are a fan or looking for something refreshing, witty, and honest to read, I recommend reading Yes, Please.

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  1. Great review..

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