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  1. Ive only been blogging for over a week and although I absolutely love it I stress myself out when I don’t have anything to say but I need to blog x I just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to!

    1. I agree to literallynall the comments on this. So relatable. Cute . All of them btw please check out my site I’m a newbie in this just wanna see if you have any pointers or something it’s called girlonthewaves.wordpress.com

  2. This sums up the experience I go through daily so well! And in a visual way, which I love. It reminds me of the comic web series The Awkward Yeti, which if you haven’t seen before, you should check out. It takes really complex thoughts and experiences (which typically stem from our heart and brain), and makes the relatable via these really wonderful and engaging visual stories.

  3. You have described me to a “T” I love to write short stories – but when I hit a wall – I get a little shhhhheesh ….and then go around in a circle for a little while – until an idea hits me out of the blue. :)

  4. It’s like this for me some days/weeks too – and then there are the times when writing is like flying, and laughing, and standing on a mountain top in the sunshine with an awesome view. Thanks for putting it into pictures for us, Nina. I hope you have some of those happy days too.

  5. About sums it up! Would definitely like to see a follow up on how to manage this exact reality!

  6. Even coming up with an intelligent comment is like that sometimes.. .
    Not this time though. I’ve not bothered with the intelligence.

  7. I love writing, but I tend to have a fear of sharing what I write. What I did to overcome that…. I wrote about a years worth of content and took pictures for pleasure’s sake and once I’ve figured out how to use WordPress, it makes it easy to post

  8. The simple form of drawing deserves praise on its own without any writing. Because I once tried to draw pictures on illustrator to go with my headline and I failed so so so badly it hurt!

  9. Hey friend, anyone can write. Just don’t fear of what you are writing. Go with whatever is coming in your mind. It is a beautiful process. Oh lol, who am i to advice, i Ain’t great writer. But be confident friend. You will be able to write amazing stories one day!

    Have a good day! β›…

  10. Yes. I definitely forgot about all of this in the years’ break I took from writing to focus on school. Others make it look so easy!

  11. This is not that far from the truth to be honest. I am experiencing all this right now trying to get my stories published as an eBook. O_O So simple and straight to the point.

  12. This so accurately describes the writing process for me. I used to think it was laziness, but then I realized how much of my writing is fueled by my own depression. It’s terrifying to put yourself out there, because you are so concerned someone will hate it or hate you for making it. It’s an endless cycle, one I hope you and I both can break out of.

    1. Brandon, I relate to what you’re saying. I hope we can break out of it, too. I’m re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’ and there was a very helpful concept – adopting an attitude of curiosity rather than criticalness. I recommend reading the book. This particular idea is within the last few chapters. Good luck to you and all of us!

  13. I am new to WordPress (although thought of starting it 2 yrs ago, created it a year ago and finally trying to discover it now and not to mention trying to like it now) ……your post is my first like. Infact I loved it. After Your demonstration, I think I am loosing my apprehensions. Cannot get more simpler, cuter, brief and finally exact than this.. super cool nida!!

  14. Love this piece, hate the fear. The fear has kept me not only from writing but from doing really anything that I have wanted to do. How do we stop this fear? How can I regain some of the time I’ve lost to it before it’s too late? FUCK FEAR!

  15. You some it up so great in easy to view illustrations. Awesome. I could never write anything that expresses the same idea but as concise as your illustration – clearly based off my comment. I love this!

  16. This happened to me for the better part of twenty years. Of course, during that time, I had two kids and moved around to several different places and even had a change of jobs. The whole time, I went through the entire cycle of that doodle. Even when my kids graduated high school and began to attend college(when I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands), I still felt that I had failed myself in some fashion. It wasn’t until I stumbled around the great Internet searching for how to write scenes that I found exactly what I was looking for. I needed to learn about structure (though I thought I already knew). Once I got that tidbit of information, it was like my inner writer started catching up with the outer writer…or was it the outer–nevermind. The point is that by not actually looking for it, I found what it was I needed. All that time, I was looking for something without knowing what it was. In my case it was the Snowflake method, but that might not be for you. Again, my point is that I put way too much pressure on myself to write to the point that I was paralyzed with the fear of failure. You know what? I still failed, but I’m happy about it. Why? Because I was able to self-publish my novel. Sales are not moving, but at least I did it. I wrote my first novel and sent it out to the big bad world. I still think that people are not going to like it but I don’t take it personally anymore. I take it in stride. I’m a new author that no one has ever read. No one knows me or my work to even know that I even wrote a book. That’s fine. I figure that someday, someone will stumble upon my work and, if they like it, they’ll refer a friend. Meanwhile, I continue to work on more books and get better.

    1. I am so moved and thankful for you sharing your story. How incredible. I love every part of your juicy story/life experience/writing journey! Happy writing you!

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