Las Chicas del Cable SEASON 5!!!

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 5 Part 1, Cable Girls, Netflix, Lidia, Oscar, Carlota, Marga, all together, final season
Las. Chicas. Del. Cable. Season. 5. ¡VAMOS!

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and posting it today. I wish you safety, wellness, and happy Las Chicas del Cable marathon-watching in quarantine <3

If you’re still on Season 4, here’s my Las Chicas Del Cable Season 4 Review. Okay… SO ARE YOU READY?


OMG Ya’ll. I am STRESSED out and… I am upset.

First of all, the best most unexpected thing happened the other day. There I am, having breakfast, Netflix & bills, when I see that Season 5 of Las Chicas Del Cable has DROPPED in my queue:

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 5 Part 1, Cable Girls, Netflix, final season, queue

And devastatingly enough, there it is, in the title: Final Season.

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 5 Part 1, Cable Girls, Netflix, final season, queue

So now, not only has one of the greatest gifts suddenly proposed out of nowhere, it also was like, and there will be no more of this henceforth.

Naturally, I put off watching because I was not ready for a full 24 hours before I was like, okay, let’s do this chicas.

And now, are you ready? I’m about to deliver spoilers in my greasy review so please grab your Tide pen and watch Season 5 before you continue reading.

AGAIN. WARNING. DO NOT KEEP READING UNTIL YOU WATCH SEASON 5! My review is episode by episode, so watch each episode and COME BACK AND CHAT!

Are you back? Okayomgggggggggggggggggggg listen.

Season 5: Episode 1

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 5 Part 1, Cable Girls, Netflix, Lidia, letter, Sofia, lipstick
LA LETRA QUE CAMBIO TODO. The letter that changed it all.

How has Alba been through so many stressful situations yet she still looks like a 1960’s air hostess model in a magazine spread? There are no stress wrinkles, no gray hairs, and honestly, not a hair out of place after the mess she’s been through.

We’ve started off in NYC, and I’m SO THRILLED. Are we about to see some New York City action?

NO. This is a show about ESPAÑA, MI AMOR! We don’t have time for the Americans. WAR and teen conviction have whisked us away to danger in Madrid!

What next?

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Las Chicas del Cable Season 4 is so, so good

Does anyone here watch Netflix’s Cable Girls??? If you’re into all that is juicy, you should.

I don’t know who put me onto this show. It was either a Netflix rec while I was watching Secret of the Nile (which I am rewatching right now while simultaneously watching Season 4 of Cable Girls so yes I have been missing my bedtime and I have a wired look about me) or my friend recommended it to me, likely both.

Either way, this is melodrama done well. I don’t know what it is about these Netflix shows that hits that balance which South Asian dramas never seem to get. Maybe because we’re all…

… about it. (The stereotype vastly underrates how dramatic we can be.)

I thank you TV creators of Spanish speaking backgrounds, for I am enjoying the hell out of it.

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I’m in creative hibernation.

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I’ve been in a pretty negative funk lately. It’s not an uncommon phase. And occurs when I’m ‘in between’ things. Between projects and brewing what’s next. It’s an uncertain time and I am pretty hard on myself in these phases.

Looking back, these are times when I steep in feeling crappy about something, but that something leads me to figuring out my next steps. So it’s kind of like a winter. Just cold and sad and brutal, until I’m ready to… oh God, I’m going to make a pun: spring into action.

I was just washing some dishes, realizing that I think that people I deem to be successful don’t have these feelings. That they don’t experience negative emotions.

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My Pointless Pursuit of Perfection

Nida Chowdhry, writer, blog, perfectionism, writer’s block, voice, voicelessness, silence, claim your voice

It amazes me (in a non-incredulous, knowing way) how many pieces I have written here that I did not publish.

I thought for the longest time that I don’t have what it takes, the proclivity for prolificness, if I may be annoying in my words. I thought I didn’t have what it takes to write the kind of things I like reading.

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‘Secret of the Nile’ on Netflix is so, so good


I just finished watching Grand Hotel or as it’s known on Netflix, Secret of the Nile. It’s the first Egyptian show on Netflix, and it’s actually a remake of a Spanish drama series, Gran Hotel. It’s Downton Abbey meets Cable Girls (also a Spanish drama, also on Netflix, also I’m obsessed), and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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The bar gets higher

A few years back, I met someone at an NYC networking event and we got to talking about what we were up to. When I told them I just finished the UCB Improv program, they were like, “Advanced?” (referring to the UCB advanced classes) and I was like, ::sheepishly:: “No.” And they were like, ::disappointed:: “Oh. Well… keep going.” (Read: DO YOU EVEN LIFT???)

For me, everything really has started with a step. And taking a step at a time has added up, and I have gotten further and further on my own path. But it turns out that the further I get, the length of the road ahead is all I can see. Continue reading “The bar gets higher”