We share the beach

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We share the beach. We come as we are. How do we know there’s not a prayer in each heart? Who am I to say what language you share with God? We are all here, we came as we are. I see it now.

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  1. Coexistence, empathy 💞
    The best gifts you can give to yourself and those you encounter everyday!

    1. Lovely words. Coexistence and empathy.

  2. A really good one.

  3. Hi. My first thoughts are that I want to “like” your posts but I don’t see that as an option. Am I missing something resembling a “like” button?

  4. Your words did not upstage the innate beauty and feel of the beach, instead it unified and solidified the spiritual essence of actually being on the beach. Beautiful.

  5. Extremely soulful words.

    1. 💜

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