Secure vs. Insecure

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In one of our hours long Stranger Magic meetings, Yumna Khan helped label the difference between someone who is insecure vs. secure.

Secure people lift each other up, acknowledge each other’s accomplishments, and take pride in each other’s wins.

Insecure people see everything as a competition – there can only be one. Their need to have the upper hand causes them to behave in a condescending manner and make the other person the problem. They project their insecurities onto others, which have the power to destroy.

People aren’t static, so we’re all capable of this spectrum of behavior. I found myself projecting some of my own insecurities on loved ones this year, only to turn inward and find the fears and pain I was projecting from.

I’ve found this label – insecure vs. secure – insightful and empowering.

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  1. absolutely agree!

  2. Wonderfully put! I’m currently falling in love with your blog, one post at a time :)

  3. I couldn’t have defined the two better myself. As secure as I would like to think I am, I find myself pushing my insecurities on others as well. I still have yet to perfect internalizing those projected insecurities and defining them in terms of who I am as a person. Still, very well explained.

  4. Liking your posts.

    1. Thank you Yaksterx!

  5. Definitively true.

  6. Thank you. You write so well and say the things hard to articulate in words (at least for me) so perfectly. You are helping me so thank you for that.

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