‘Secret of the Nile’ on Netflix is so, so good


I just finished watching Grand Hotel or as it’s known on Netflix, Secret of the Nile. It’s the first Egyptian show on Netflix, and it’s actually a remake of a Spanish drama series, Gran Hotel. It’s Downton Abbey meets Cable Girls (also a Spanish drama, also on Netflix, also I’m obsessed), and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The original Gran Hotel is 39 episodes, broken into 3 seasons. Secret of the Nile is 30 episodes, 45 minutes each, and it plays out as one long season (it was originally released as a Ramadan special in 2016). I learned about it this past Sunday and just finished marathon-watching it at 4am this morning… LOL.


The acting is so rich and complex, the cinematography is riveting, the sets are stunning, and the wardrobe and hair/makeup are fire. But the reason I literally watched 1,350 minutes of TV in three days is because of the drama. Oh the drama! Egyptians. Know. Drama.

I never knew the true meaning of the words “the plot thickens” until now. The plot is so thick it’s a vat of cement and I am here for this concrete mixture of deception. Grand Hotel also has some phenomenal villains who’s character development is… to die for… and it somehow carries on through 30 episodes. I am here for these scary Tants (Aunties)!


It’s in Arabic and I watched it with English subtitles. I’m proud to say I’m learning such important Egyptian Arabic as, “IDKHUL!” (Enter) and “Nazarthu. Dul. Alayya. ANNA… UMMIK!” (You sided with them against me, your mother!) Wow, this is really going to come in handy when I visit the Pyramids.

If you enjoy period dramas (low-hanging pun intended) and you’re looking for a new show to be obsessed with, I recommend watching two episodes before you judge.

Also, in case your watching and you’re like, Who does Ali/Fouad (played by Amr Youssef) remind me of? He looks like Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek):

You’re welcome.

P.S. ABC is remaking Grand Hotel, too!

Now if you liked Secret of the Nile, I also highly recommend Las Chicas Del Cable aka Cable Girls on Netflix, too! You can read my Season 4 and Season 5 reviews here

And guess what…

I have a surprise for you!

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51 thoughts on “‘Secret of the Nile’ on Netflix is so, so good

  1. Love this series! Are they making a second series? What happened to the baby on the boat with the murderer?? Too many unanswered questions!!

      1. I had hoped that Ehsan and Amal would get him back too. A bit of a miss with the plot there!

      1. Me too I even played it back in case I missed something also Wards hands were free she may be alive cant wait for the season 2

      2. The baby maybe a smart way to start THE SECOND SERIES such a good portrayal from the actors and actresses do ope they do a second series JK

  2. Fabulous!!!!we need a 2nd series. Question –
    Why wasn’t Nazly’s mother sent to jail?

  3. anoushka is a singer- listen to her on YOUTUBE – now a conniving actress here – she is EXCELLENT in her role as she smokes, smiles and tilts her head

      1. Enjoyed both Grand Hotel and secrets of the Nile great shows velvet was another fantastic series

  4. I haven’t watch any thing and I’m nearly 50 as good
    I just loved it all
    Fantastic actors.like none iv seen before
    Ward. Is an unbelievable actor
    Please make more

  5. Wasn’t it hinted that Nazly was Sakine’s daughter? What happened? There wasnt a grand finale re this!

  6. I am absolutely obsessed with this series too! I love Egypt and Egyptian Arabic is so nice, it sounds softer. The characters are utterly fantastic and you have to love the villains. This whole story is a battle of light and dark, regardless of class, and I like the way it breaks down the class boundaries. Love is love. And what a hero Ali is!

  7. Just finished the series today. It was one of the best I’ve seen. I binge watched and I have the same questions. Where’s baby Selina? Guess they don’t know about Ward AND, why didn’t the mother go to prison too. Mourad said he’d bring her down too. I’d like to watch this all over again, I enjoyed it that much. The cast, the clothes, the scenery, the jewelry, all fantastic.

      1. The baby is dead. Mourad had him killed like he had Ward killed. Honestly, I loved that show until the very end. Then it left a bad taste in my mouth.

  8. WOW Loved it. I have never enjoyed any performance more than the wonderful heart warming performance of Mohamed Mamdouh who plays Amin in Secret of the Nile. A true pleasure to watch. The whole cast is also great and a wonderful story.
    My first time seeing Egyptian actors and want to see more – thanks Netflix for showing this.

  9. I started watching this show on Netflix and is incredibly amazing. Love the soundtrack,
    Love the story and love all the actors in it.
    Waiting for the next Season…..🥰🎈😍.

  10. Fantastic series indeed Nida…We didn’t marathon it like you…Took our time over a month and loved every episode….Will there be a follow up?…I they going to leave Ward floating in the Nile with an anchor around her legs?..Is Madame Kesmat going to get away with her devilish attitude?..I hope we will find out!…Oh and Mourrad should certainly hang!…Great acting and we miss them all already!

    1. Tony, your commentary gave me a much needed laugh! It really was incredible acting. I will be keeping an eye out for the next Egyptian show to recommend and will post here when I have it!

  11. Yes indeed , what about the baby from Ward on the ship.
    And the dresses; Ted Baker ?
    Dor Chandler , Waiting for Season 2

    1. I was impressed too and waiting for the second series
      Great entertainment
      Will watch again
      Maybe no second series it’s been a while

  12. When is the second series coming like us all I want to know about the baby and just loved this series

  13. Also got hooked on this series. Great acting and lovely period clothes. Adelaide, South Australia

  14. Like so many others, I was left wondering what happened to the baby? Also, did Ali actually drown Mourad when they were both in the water? Mourad looked like he might be dead the way his body was in the speedboat on the way back with Ali. This might explain why Kesmet, Nazley’s mother, did not go to prison if Mourad was not alive to specifically accuse her. Also, my husband who is Egyptian said that it would have taken approximately 4 years for Nazley to get a divorce even if Mourad was arrested and convicted of the crime. At the end when they pose for the photo, Nazley is visibly pregnant and it is implied that she and Ali are now married. Nazley specifically says to Ali that it was two years to the day since he first arrived at the Grand Hotel, so that would not be enough time for the divorce, wedding, and pregnancy. What does everyone think……did Mourad drown at the end?

  15. No need to tie Mourad up if he was already dead. I don’t think Mourad would have his own child killed, but maybe he would?

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